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United States
I am a hobbyist artist with Chronic Procrastination Syndrome. Despite this, somehow I manage to finish and upload stuff from time to time.
I love meeting people and chatting online(when I'm not procrastinating of course), so feel free to drop a line and say hi!

I am currently working on:
:bulletyellow: Mixed-media
:bulletyellow: Digital art
:bulletblack: Shading
:bulletgreen: accurate anatomy from various angles
:bulletblack: Dragons. Anything dragons
:bulletgreen: scales and textures
:bulletred: realistic eyes
:bulletred: dragon wings that actually look like skin

Critique Stamp by LhuneArt


Addicted To Music - Stamp by JWiesner Opinion stamp by TheCynicalHound STAMP: a Life? by StampsGoneMissing FRIENDS STAMP by emo-city Believe What You Want by Xehara Sane otherkin support stamp by TheLeetCasualGamer Nature Stamp by SparklyDest We can have our beliefs, too [STAMP] by The-Devious-Wolf Asexuality Stamp by JWiesner Not a pro by TheSmall-Stuff Friends stamp by Meddle689 animal stamp by musicisinmysoul Gamer Stamp by DrkSnpr14 Otherkin Stamp by Fenris-Star Dragonkin stamp by nightmaw


Writers Stamp by shadow-wolf-haunts
My stories:
A Final Chapter - ProloguePrologue
In a time long past, there was a promising civilization blooming on the planet Earth. The dominant species, humans, were just taking their first tentative steps into a larger world, and slowly realizing their potential. They had a lot to learn, and many old mistakes to correct, but a good and fruitful future was looming ahead of them. Until the Overlords came.
The Overlords, an advanced alien race bent on controlling the entire galaxy, and eventually the universe, saw in the primitive humans much potential. They also knew that this potential could prove dangerous to them if left unchecked.
So they came, just a small fleet by their standards, but still plenty to deal with the potential threat of the humans. The Overlords set to work quickly, crushing the human govronments and placing themselves in control over the planet. Then they recieved new orders: the humans would make a fine addition to their herd stocks for weapon and biological testing. Humans were a hardy species, perh
Impromptu Storytelling: Part 1The dragon sniffed at the bloody ground briefly, then shuffled her front feet together so the two innermost claws of either foot overlapped. She raised her head as high as her long neck would allow, and released a long, chilling keen that echoed over the rocky hills outside the cone-shaped cave she stood in.
Before her lay the body of another, larger, male dragon. He was by far the largest and most powerful dragon she had ever met. His blood still gently oozed from the gashes in his throat, his scales ripped from the skin and scattered around his great, many-horned head.
A small, biped being stood beside the mourning female dragon, his hand resting gently on her scaley foreleg. Confusion stood out above all other emotions on his features, but he wept with her.
The dragoness bowed her head, breathing heavily. She had several wounds of her own. Though they stung, ached or burned, nothing ached as much as her heart.
"You should have run while you had the chance." She said to her companion
Rats- part oneRats
A large brown rat scurried across a coblestone street, doing his best to dodge puddles and raindrops as he made his way to a small hole in a wall, just above the foundation of a large warehouse.
"Where is she?" He asked a carmel-colored rat as he entered.
"Tara is in the birthing den still. Yu says we almost lost her!" The smaller male replied, his voice respectful. "But she says Tara will be okay now, if we don't move her just yet."
"Is the litter well?"
The carmel rat shifted its paws uncomfortably. "They are well, but she lost two, and-"
"Thank you Gre, I will go see her now." The larger rat cut him off, and raced off to the den, set in the warmest part of the abandoned warehouse.
"Shu! I should tell  you-" Gre would have finished, but Shu was already in the den.
.  .  .
"Tara?" Shu poked his head in the entry to the den. "Yu, is Tara alright?"
Yu, a gray-and-silver rat, turned from the sleeping mother to the lead rat. "She is fine. The runt of the


Bionicle Stamp by Gioku
Bionicle Fanart account: Ira-Nui
A collaborative account between myself and Chaluma

DRAGON PRIDE METER: ████████████████ 100.5%
If you're proud to be a Dragon lover, stick this on your page!

Awesome folks(in no particular order):
My friend Bladeheart777 has an interesting idea in the works:  Planning is hardI have something in mind for something I want to do in the future. Problem is, I don't have enough people for it. I have, that I know of, four. I need forty. FREAKING A IT IS HARD TO PLAN FOR THE FUTURE UGH. 
I want to do a lets play of Radiant Historia. It's my favorite game. It doesn't have voice acting, so instead of doing the commentary over the whole thing, and struggling to be funny, I want to play the game and have it so that all of the characters are voiced. So, plan to do one of the main cast, and all of the generic NPCs that are male. I have two other guys that are willing to do the lines for two of the party members, and I have one that is willing to do one of the female party members. I need about ten more feminine voices, and about twenty more male voices. This is so frigging hard UGH.

He needs several people who would be interested in doing some voice-acting, if anybody is interested in being part of the collaboration.
  • Listening to: Wardruna
  • Playing: Skyrim
  • Eating: Pasta
  • Drinking: Water


I have discovered that I must be an adult because I was angry that it snowed today. :grump: How am I supposed to fulfill my responsibilities with this stuff all over the roads?!


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